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    My gf refuses to cut my pubic hair, have a broken collar bone onright side and am right handed. Would not want to cut my poor willie am tranmatised enough lol

    Any advice to help change her mind.

    mad ad [sign in to see picture]
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    try some hair removal cream instead! No blades involved - hence safe willie!

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    Perhaps invest in an electric shaver? I've heard its less prone to giving you nicks and what-not and would be good even after your injury has healed.

    I think if she's dead set against doing it you're not going to change her mind! Would you cut her pubic hair (assuming she has any)? She probably doesn't want to injure you any more than you already are!

    Get better soon

    Angel x

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    Have you tried hair clippers?

    Do you know why she won't do it? Is it that she's worried about hurting you?

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    I agree - maybe ask her she'd use a trimmer on you - nearly impossible to cut you with one of those (cheap alternative: http://www.wilkinsonsword.co.uk/men/showroom/quattro_titanium_precision)


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    Why don't you try a beard trimmer - just keep it short rather than fully shaved?

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