• Lesbians?

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    Hey - Any lesbian members on here?

    Would be good to know whats in your toybox and what you 100% couldn't live without!!!


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    Avrielle_Aniko wrote:.

    Looking at the lesbian sex toy section, I'm a bit surprised that there are only strap ons and double ended dildo's in there. Surely lesbians like other things too!

    True, though strap ons and double dildos are more lesbian specific than most toys on here. I agree though, I'm sure what feels good on lesbians feels good on other girls too!

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    Hiya babes,

    Im fully bi and have a girlfriend as well as many bfs!

    I find sex with another women better with what god gave me, however, i dont know how long it'd take of having our 18" double dong removed, before i went a little crazy! x

    Alicia D'amore [sign in to see picture]
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    I agree with AA - limiting it to lesbians seems a little odd unless you're specifically looking for something to share with your partner?

    After all - for solo sex we all have the same bits ;).


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    Apologies again for bumping another ancient thread - I get the feeling that's bad manners on forums!

    I think what Chels is getting at is toys which are specifically designed for lesbian sex, which particularly enhance love-making.

    I'm a lesbian; my partner and I go through phases of not really using sex aids at all, and preferring more 'natural' approaches in bed. Then we get fond of our toys again, and get into them for a few weeks.

    We've had strap-ons in the past, which we still have somewhere, but we prefer to use strapless double dildos, like the Feeldoe, which is our favourite (we have three models), or the Nexus, and the Toy Joy, which I got from this site, and reviewed here:

    Toy Joy Strapless Strap On Double Ended Dildo&reviewpage=2

    We probably use dildos more for anal sex than anything else, but the Toy Joy and Feeldoe are lovely things to have when you're in the mood. It's really nice to penetrate each other, to be inside each other, to share that experience, and to feel each other's orgasm.

    Apart from toys like this, everyone else is right - I like the same kind of stuff as any woman. Never really been into vibrators, but I do own a butt plug, of which I'm fond!

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    I have slept with women and can't beat a double ended dildo shorter one (12") is a personal favourite as you can get up close and very personal

    There is a review for a double dong on my profile

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