• a pill question- logynon

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    anyone tried this pill before? i have just been put on it and wondered if anyone had anything they could share about it. thanks

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    I haven't taken that pill, but I have taken Microgynon, which contains one of the same hormones, personally I have tried so many combined pills, and not got on with any of them.

    I am now on the implant (a POP), and have never looked back, I don't have any of the side effects that I used to get with the combined pill (I used to suffer with pain during sex, and they caused this condition where the opening to my uterus turned itself inside out, causing a lot of bleeding during sex. A gynacologist assured me it wasn't the pill, but when I stopped taking it for other reasons the problem stopped).

    It is also good because I can never forget to take it! I have mine changed every 2 years as it starts to mess with my periods, but once it has been changed I have no more problems.

    If Logynon works for you that's great, but if it doesn't make sure you get it changed until you get one you're happy with, I also found it better speaking to a sexual health specialist nurse rather than my GP as they have a better knowledge of what's out there.

    Good luck


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