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    Hi All,

    Anyone use Femidoms, never bought them, how easy are they to use??

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    Nah, i looked into it for a bit as my OH is quite large so we have to buy larger condoms and if he wants to use others he just has to bare it..

    After some research I found they were difficult to get hold of in my area and it's not something I would want to try while me and my OH are still long distance as we don't want to spend time messing about with femidoms.

    I'm on the implant now so I don't think it's too important.. Once my OH and I are together more we'll prob experiment with stuff like this, but for now we aren't interested.

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    Iv used them, their really not great. Its tricky to get them in, which really cant be done in a sexy way. We had to hold it open when he was entering me as the sides stick together (which again ruins the mood) also when on top they keep moving and trying to fall out. His response was it was like having sex with a ASDA bag. We soon went back to condoms.

    The only good thing about them is they gave him more feeling than a condom, but less for me (so not really a good thing at all)

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