• best sex memory

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    Heh. Well My first experience was in a multi-storey carpark. Or should i say the on-ramp. Yes. We were laying on the concrete. I was about 17-18, just graduated from school somewhat tipsy and met this supercute girl who actually wanted to bump uglies with me. We looked all over town to find a place to do it. Going home was no options since we were both living at home at the time. Let's just say it didn't work out at all, and we went our separate ways 10 minutes later. :D

    Another time was my "real" first experience. Her place. She had one of those steel-framed beds with just enough space for the bed to go "boom boom boom" in the wall. Knowing her parents had the room downstairs i did what i thoought was clever. Stuck my hand on the bedframe to eliminate space.

    Had some trouble concentrating on performing as my fingers was getting banged between a bedframe and the wall... :D

    Oh memories...

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    Ohhh I thought of another one

    The cat got the cream!!

    One of those experiences where you've had your eye on them for what seems like a lifetime and you're convinced they're not interested. Then after some close shaves which make you stop and think.. "hmmm...Are they? Aren't they? should I? Shouldn't I?"... Well I went for it. Turns out he was into me. Massively.. There was no sex on our first encounter but there needn't be I don't feel. It was amazing that neither of us had put a limit on sex but we understood eachother perfectly. mmmm

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    EmilyBlenkins wrote:

    Okay, deep breath

    I'm not going to go into detail because it wasn't a pleasant experience. But basically, my ex and I were in a forest having sex, and we there was a dog that stuck it's nose in his ass, he jumped off and screamed and there was a 70 year old guy watching us, with his cock in his hand.. he came as we looked at him, all over the dog..

    Had a similiar experience, Lover (now hubby) and I were in his car in a small lane on a dark wet night, going for it in the back of the car, when I saw a face at the window. A man about 70 in a typical flasher mack, panting and looking in. Lover told him to F Off, his response, I'm only watching, please.

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    One of my best memories is of sex that never happened.

    Away on a weeks course, got chatting to a man, hit it off, obvious my second to last night that we had some chemistry, almost slept together but I told him he would have to wait as I wanted to be sober, next night we spent whole evening flirting ended up on the bed, serious snogging, then we both got a fit of the guilts (I am married) and decided we couldn't go through with the dirty deed. Constantly think back to the night.

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