• Deep Anal Guidance (Safety)

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    Im looking into getting a certain (non love honey unfortunatly) toy that may be 12" to 14" useable and about 7.5" circumference, soft and made of silicone not jelly.

    What i am wondering is what actually happens inside of you as you put something that deep inside? Do certain things get moved around? I cant imagine how some people can take large toys and navigate the bend without something moving.

    Also are there any reports about long term use and any possible side effect (even when doing it safely). I want to make sure this is all safe before doing something that I am interested in working up to.

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    Um....the only story i ever heard with regards to anything like this is about a mexican pornstar. The story goes that he did a lot of anal stuff, not just men and toys either. It seems he'd taken a horse up his wrong 'n for a particular shoot and perforated his colon, which slowly caused him to bleed to death from his bottom. Not that i'd want to put the willies up ya...so to speak lols.

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    don't know much about anal except use plenty of anal lube, go in slowly and do not try to go too far in on first visit....lube is essential as the anus does not self lubricate unlike the vagina

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