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    Phantasma wrote:

    BashfulBabe wrote:

    Yeah, I don't think you can remove consent after the fact. You can request that they delete the pictures, but the other person is under no obligation to do so (other than the societal obligation of non-dickishness). Unless you stated when you gave them to them that they were only for their use while part of the relationship, then the giving of them implies indefinite consent.

    The giving of an item without explicit details to the contrary transfers all ownership of the item to the receiver. They're only bound by pre-existing rights, such as IP or copyright, which would bar them from using or sharing the item except under certain conditions, or by specific contracts regarding ownership and/or use as stated clearly at or before the time of giving.

    I think Bashful Babe has it just right there.

    On the point of photos being different to other presents - would you not find that your boyfriend/girlfriend finding out about the engagement ring youd given your ex somewhat embarassing? Or WandA's example of the 20' dildo... almost any gift can potentially be embarassing under the right circumstances and we dont expect to be given back birthday cards we send to the OH with rude stuff in it because their mother read it and mortified you.

    Sure youve been embarrassed but the card is still the property of the OH - not yours. Fundamentally I think its peoples personal insecurity that makes sexy photos a special case. (I dont mean to suggest that anyone on here is insecure in the least - but I think on some level everyone is worried about themselves and how they appear to other people to some extent. Thats what im referring to by 'insecure') Because people are insecure on the subject of ourselved then we want to have a level of control over the distribution of something like that. I would suggest that there is little justification for such a desire beyond our own personal insecurity.

    A varient quesition once again: If you made someone a birthday card which included a naughty picture of you, say one half of the inside. Would you expect/want to get that back in the same way you would want to get a picture back if the two of you broke up/you changed your mind etc etc? Basically is there a level of gift-giving where you would feel you couldnt ask for such a thing back?

    I think BB has nailed what many of us would agree with. What we say and what we mean are often very different and it is only based on some notion of shared social convention do we often not bother to express these things.

    As for the new question, I wouldn't ask for anything back anyway I don't think. I'm very much aware that when I hand something over then my influence over it is done with and I have no further 'rights' over it (unless there is something underhand in the transaction). To have further rights would create an discrepancy in my application of a rule, I don't expect to have any say over an object once I've sold it.

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    In this case, Vogue owns the naughty pics of Lady Gaga:


    Out takes from a shoot she's previously done. Is that vulva I see there! :O

    NSFW (like you need telling)

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    Having read through this thread, I'm very relieved that I never had any naughty photos of previous girlfriends (and, indeed, that they didn't have any of me!). There are some difficult issues here, and I'm unable to provide clear-cut answers to the questions.

    Generally, I'm a bit of a hoarder, so I probably wouldn't have thrown away any moderate photos. I still have some decent (fully clothed!) photos that feature early dates and bring back happy memories. If I had any naughty photos, though, then I'd have probably got rid of them because they'd probably be painful for me to review and they could also be a hostage to fortune.

    One thing that I can't imagine myself doing, though, is to show around or publish any naughty photos of a current or previous partner without explicit agreement. I think that my friends (at least) would be extremely unimpressed if I tried to show off in this way, and I think they'd have good moral grounds for telling the partner what I'd done.

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