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    OK new post after a hell of a long time so if i get this wrong dont shoot me :)

    Have tried and tested the china brush delay solution works wonders, however i was told by a mate that liquid gold (in the old days they were called poppers) placed in a room aruses female sexuality (makes her even more horny )

    anyone got any experience is it true a myth or what?

    cheers in advance


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    I think that's right Miss Rouge. Supplementation of a Nitrate or Nitride for oxygen sources is never a good idea for the stress incurred in the heart compensating for the variation in blood pressure.

    If you want to get the lady jazzed up for some loving, scented candles, inscense or oil burners is a good idea.

    Remember kids, don't do drugs and stay in school! lol

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    I agree with the clever people here.

    It's not really worth the risk, even if it's small, just for a little kick.

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