• has anyone ever won any free stuff by posting pics of the products?

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    Fairly self explanatory title, we have a few that we put up as well as reviews and things, but have not had anything back. Just wondering if this is an empty promise

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    I am sure people have won stuff for writing reviews and uploading pictures and there are lots of free samples and things sent out! I don't think LH would say this if it wasn't true!

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    If you go on the LoveHoney blog they make a post each month saying who the winners are. If I remember correctly I think the runners up get Oh!Points too.

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    As Ecksvie says - its listed every month who is the winner of the photo comp on the blog. So no it is not an empty promise at all. Keep snapping away and maybe you'll win in the coming months!

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    I don't imagine you'll win if it's just the products (like a vibe or whip). Wearing lingerie then perhaps.

    It's model of the month so I guess you have to model it!

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    Yep people win every month and it's announced on the blog. A lot of people upload photos each month so it's picked from each month's "batch" so if the last photos you uploaded were months ago, you won't be in with a chance of winning until you upload more.

    Good luck,


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    October's top reviews -


    "Each month, we give £100 worth of sex toys to the person who writes the LoveHoney Review of the Month. We also choose highly commended reviews and reward them with 2000 http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/lovehoney-loyalty-scheme/ a piece."

    I have been a runner up before and have received the 2000 Oh! Points.

    October's Top Model -


    "LoveHoney encourages all customers to doll themselves up andhttp://www.lovehoney.co.uk/image-upload.cfm of themselves wearing gorgeous lingerie and costumes for the chance to win £100 to spend on http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/,http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/lingerie/sexy-lingerie/ or http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/lingerie/sexy-costumes/!"

    If you are lucky enough to win it'll happen when you least expect it!


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    Aye, there's been a few of the regulars who've won at some point, so that definitely happens, and I've got the runner up review prize twice now - more Oh! Points from that than from spending now! - so can vouch for that.

    Think it's pretty low chance of getting the model one just cause of the sheer number of high quality uploads each month and the fact there's only the one winner for it, so as M&S says it's better not to be waiting on it happening. Plus, they seem to like the ones where the models are enjoying it more than anything, so doing it because it's fun is definitely the way to go.

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    I won the review of the month for September, which was cool... we put the £100 towards an electro-stim setup which I probably would never have considered otherwise... we've only played with it in a non-sexual context so far, but happy with it as my 'prize' for sure.... (review to come in due course!)

    The LH monthly prizes are ace (I would say that, I know), I feel pretty lucky to have won though - I guess it's just one of those things where you have to keep on trying and hope for some luck, & I'm sure the photo prizes are the same way... don't give up!

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