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    Not a thread about a historical discovery of sex toys (although I'm sure I read about ancient wooden dildos somewhere).... It is sometimes weird to think that in 10, 20... even 50 years time that the same vibrators we once bought will still be in a drawer somewhere. Admittedly, many will have probably died along the way but it made me think:

    a) Which sex toys are you still going to be glad that you bought?

    b) Which sex toys will be making history? - e.g. The rabbit has certainly won itself a place in the sex toy history books!

    Just a bit of fun xxx

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    Good post!

    I've posted in the News thread before about stone age stone toys and what not. It's also popped up a bit the fascinating history to do with hysteria and I think I've posted some old vibe adverts somewhere! Interesting topic.

    Ooo, shall come back to the Qs when I've browsed my reviews and WLs!

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    I think for me it will be my bullet ; It has allowed me to sneak off and have so much fun in so many places . Small and discreet - I love it

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    I Don't think i have found "the perfect toy" yet!

    i have lots but they all seem very similar so there isn;t any one of a kinds that i couldn't replace...

    theres plenty i love but thats the point, there is plenty and they're all similar, i look forward to trying out the more exotic type one day but i can't actually afford to buy a lunch to take to college atm so different priorities!

    VW x

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    Well I have to agree with u wizzie that the Rabbit is amazing and by far my best vibrating toy..... I hope it can only be made better though is pretty far perfect for me right now =)

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