• To my OH and all you Curvy girls......

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    No need to explain chick! My 'J' has what we call her 'off' days and she gets very similar to how you are feeling.

    It really is quite alright, And I completely understand and agree with the way you feel.


    It'a at times like this that J comes in really handy...

    Like I said earlier, At times What I want to say and what I actually say are like ships passing in the night.

    J would beable to put into words what I can not.

    After all, This thread was also written for her also, And obviously she knows me well enough to 'know' whatI actually mean lol.

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    Clothes sizing is a bizarre thing - the same size is different between different shops and even within shops different garments might fit differently. Clothes sizing also doesn't take into account height - I'm 5'1" so size 8 on me doen't look skinny but a 6'1" size 8 model is probably going to look quite emaciated. I conclude from this that clothes sizing is a silly measure of anything!

    Weight/BMI are also not terribly useful as they doesn't take into account body composition e.g. muscle is denser than fat, some people have metal plates and implants and all sorts that affect what the scales show. Many sprinters (who are fit as fiddles and muscley as hell) are technically overweight but noone would accuse them of being unfit or unhealthy!

    In terms of attraction though - weight means very little to me. I have such a crush on Dawn French because she's so sweet and funny and charitable and actually I do think she looks beautiful too. Conversely I think the very slim Paris Hilton is very ugly because her personality makes her somehow look different to me.

    I think it was VW that said everyone is beautiful to somebody and that is SO true. My OH loved me even when I weighed 5 stone and you could easily see most of the bones in my body. I did look horrible and even he agrees it looked bad (because he was afraid for my health) BUT I was still me and inspite of my skeletal state I was still beautiful to him.

    VW you're a beautiful girl - your pic is sexy and you're a kind, thougful person who your boyfriend fancies the pants off, don't be sad be proud!


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    Just wanted to chip in and agree with KP that I've always thought Dawn French is sexy/beautiful/stunning

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    Woohoo bring on the Curves , That lass from Mad men is what it is all about

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    Feeling much better today and feeling abit silly for having a whinge!

    shall we blame it on the hormones

    VW x

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    Don't feel silly!

    If anything, Your being silly for feeling silly, If that makes sense lol!

    Paul ;)

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