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    I have just come out of a pretty sexless marriage and now ready for some fun. However, I have notice that when I shave, wax or epliate my bikini line I come out in a horrendous rash and I have no idea how to get rid of it - please help as its really effecting my confidence!! I have invested in some new underwear etc, but dont feel comfortable wearing any of it when this happens!!

    Any advice gratefully accepted!!

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    Hiya Irishbird and welcome to the forums - if you do a search using the search bar at the top of this page for "shaving" there are a few threads with loads of tips - post in one of those threads if you need a little more specific advice! We prefer using old threads than new ones just to prevent clutter

    Also, familiarise yourself with the rules http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/orgasm-army/sex-talk/145046-lovehoney-forum-rules/

    In the meantime, I advise exfoliatiing before and after shaving to prevent ingrown hairs, shave regularly and use a very sensitive shaving gel (or use hair conditioner, even sleeker!), also shave with the grain of the hair and make sure you're using a really sharp razor (preferably one with a metal grill across it to protect you from knicks - Wilkinson Sword ones have this).

    Good luck,


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    I shave my bikini line every 2 days. At first I had a really bad rash and it was REALLY itchy. But after a week or so my body just got used to it as long as you do it often enough.

    BTW welcome to the forums!

    Good luck!

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    hey i always use a mans razor seems a better shave then the ladys ones i never use anything else no shaving foam at first it was a little rash but after awhile it does stop happening

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    A good razor,and good after shave cream.

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    You need to start shaving like a man. Shaving at least every second day. dont let the growth go behond this.

    Good razor a must. i use the blue gillette venus. dont use any other gillette ones they have too much plastic around the blade and you cant get in to hairs at your ass or right in at the lips.

    As im model shaving properly is important. but ive been doing it since the day i started puberty so i dont have a problem with rashes.

    Best shaving in bath than shower though as hot water will open up hair folicles but dont relax to long or it his the opposit effect. about 5 mins in bath then start shaving. lots of soaping up the area, no need for shaving foam, soap just works as good even a little baby oil used with the soap too. and after shaving apply a cold flannel to close the folicles back up. if you are hairy just now , trim it right back before you start shaving other wise hair will get pulled rather than shaved.

    keep on top of shaving and you will be smooth and rash free.

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    Same issue before I satrted using baby oil to shave the private parts. I now use it to shave my face too. Liberally apply the babby oil at the end of your shower, the warm water allows hair to go supple. Now with oil applied, gently shave your areas desired. Always use a sharp blade, not a new one every time, but you can tell when the blade doesn't have much life left. I've been shaving myself and lover, she loves it, I do too!!!!!

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