• sex games

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    just wondering whats everyone's favourite sex games was or if you have one am lookn for some fun new ideas

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    Edit from above:

    Watch Star Wars and get your OH to suck your dick once when:

    1.Someone has a bad feeling about this.

    2.It's their only hope.

    3.An entire planet is described as having one climate.

    4.Somebody gets choked.

    5.a woman other than Leia is on screen

    6.An old Jedi starts to ramble about the Force. (Vader counts.)

    7.Somebody's hand gets cut off.

    8.A gigantic technological marvel explodes in a single blast.

    9.There is a tremor in the Force.

    10.It's not someone's fault

    11.One or more heroes are almost eaten by a Thing

    12.A Jedi is much more powerful than he looks

    13.Someone exclaims "No!"

    14.Someone does something apparently suicidal that turns out to be a good idea

    15.Twice if it's not Han

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    Hehe, me and my OH just make bets really - We both buy a ticket for the same lottery, and whoever wins the most money gets a sexual favor of his/her choice from the other one then.

    Though, since we both are gamers, we also make bets on that - For instance, one we had lately was that whenever I or a party member died in a game Id receive 5 spanks, but if I made it through the mission with me and the party in pristine state he'd give me a good fingering

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    Pinkilious wrote:

    did you not start this thread yesterday ?

    They did indeed.

    It's also been done before by other people, if someone cannot be bothered to search for a thread they created then I shall not be bothered to post a response either.

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    Hi Jglow, you started this thread yesterday - please don't keep posting the same thread on the same topic otherwise we'll be flooded with the same old conversations (yawn!). Have a read of the LoveHoney Forum Rules.

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