• Ball shaving

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    Trimmed my pubes to a #1 and then shaved my balls last night. Knelt over my OH while she licked my balls which is soooo good with them all smooth. Mmmmmmm.

    She then gave my a blow job until I came in her mouth. Happy days! Shaven balls are great!

    On my own tonight and can't stop stroking my balls..... it's only going to end one way.

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    headsouth wrote:

    I know the feeling! I was suprised how easy it is too maintain and how comfortable it is. Can get a bit sticky down there in the summer, but really easy to keep on top of in the bath...

    Two words....

    Talcum Powder! Lush's Silky Underwear is gorgeous.


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    couldnt agree more with this post, a shaven me is a happy me :D

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    I agree as well, much more fun with smooth balls.

    Ishave just leaving a runway strip from belly button to the base of my cock, and that feels and looks great as well.

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    I much prefer to be completely shaven and it's no where near as scary and risky a procedure as I first thought before going into the uncharted waters 3 years ago. Plus the girlfriend doesn't particular like sucking my balls when their all hairy so it's the least I can do for her.

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    I find good quality razor with new'ish blade every time.

    I always have a shower first to warm up and make things more plyable.

    I find cutting with the grain makes it easier to stop getting nicks or ingrown hairs after.

    But everyone is different, guessing other people may have different ways of doing it.

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    I go through phases with regards to shaving. Sometimes I just let it all go and other times I trim down nice and neat and shave the balls. I have shaved it all off before but I have hairy legs and fairly hairy chest/stomach so it kind of looked weird (plus I wasn't brave enough to get everything else waxed).

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    headsouth wrote:

    Due to having had a drab medical condition I had, for want of a better phrase, arse surgery 18 months ago and my surgeon told me to shave my bum forever more to avoid a recurrence. So as well as having nice smooth balls I usually have a bum as smooth as an erm... babies bum! Every little helps.

    I can understand that completly but for me i like..... no LOVE a hairy bum and crotch, my OH trims to make it neater but hair is manly to me. Me I like to be completly hairless down there and shave regularly though would love to get waxed.

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    I too am a regular shaver, I use an electric trimmer (also known as the strimmer to the OH) and find that with a combination of care and dutch courage a neat job can be bloodlessly achieved.

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    gotta b shaven, been shaving and trimming my pubic haor for almost a year now n wouldnt hav it any other way

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    My OH is very hairy pretty much everywhere but his back so i feel that if he did shave off his public hair it would look very weird. I personally find all of his body hair a huge turn on and i totally agree with http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/members/malteser81/ about bum and crotch hair. I too shave myself but thats the way i like it, rather than the OH prfering it, he insists that he isnt bothered either way but i suspect that he prefers no hair.

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