• What's your ultimate fantasy?

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    The ones you're willing to share.... of course!

    If you share, somebody may care to indulge ;)

    Thats what I'm hoping anyway!!!


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    Wow, my ultimate fantasy that always gets my juices flowing and horney as hell is that im at the bar in a crowded club, loud music.... a stranger comes up behind me and is pushed against my body due to the crowd. I look bk to apologise and we catch each others gaze.... I feel his cock hardening against my ass and I lick my lips at him. I feel him lift up my skirt and push my thong to one side, his huge member pressing against my tight ass hole. He pushes me against the bar, holding my hair tight and thrusts himself up my ass. With all the pushing of the crowd knowone notices him thrusting in and out or hear my moans of pure pleasure. He releases in me as I myself climax (by this point I already have if im playing with myself) he pulls himself out, does up his jeans and disappears in the crowd. Yummmmmm

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    - Performing a tandem striptease with a beautiful woman while being watched by my OH...then going back home for a long night of threeway fun in front of a roaring fire!


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    ooooppss.... sorry Avrielle_Aniko

    :( xGHx

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