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    smackneill wrote:

    well thats out then....unless she locks me for that long...no thanks!

    you know there are other areas you can play with while your PA heals

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    One ex has a PA - he got this done after we broke up (didnt want the heal time wait as we were pretty much like rabbits lol) and we were meant to be meeting up for a try-out of it, but then i went and got together with my mr, so he got told where to go, lol.

    My other ex had her clit hood done (before me) and stupidly didnt give it very long to heal and went out for the night, pulled and when the girl went down on her, managed to pull it out. She admits she screamed the place down... just for all the wrong reasons lol!

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    Ugh, that made me go feint, I think i'll just be happy with my nice new nip piercings, a PA seems far too much hassle.

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    i was just wondering, i know with tounge peircing the hole heals really quickly so is it the same with clitoral/ penis ones?

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    I have my clitoral hood done. had it for about a year and it really didn't hurt at all (but then I do like the pain)! Mine healed so quickly, in fact I was able to have sex painlessly the day after. It took a couple of weeks but it has been fine since. Sounds gross, but the best thing to do is pee on yourself. Apparently this helps the heeling time. I am also ridiculous about cleaning mine. I know a few ppl who don't bother but I use sterile saline solution to bathe it twice a day for the first few weeks and then once a day after that. I have no doubt someone will disagree with my methods, but this is what works for me. I have a few piercings and have perfected my technique so that it suits my body. I think it depends a lot on the individual. When I had my first one done, my piercer gave me tea tree oil to clean it with, however this only made it worse. Some people heal quicker than others. I am pretty lucky, but there is never a 100% hard and fast rule. It's always a gamble with these things.


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    How many piercings do you need to have before you set off the metal detector in the airport? Could make the frisk down fun!

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    I got my nipple pierced....it smarted like feck!!!But was totally worth it :D

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    smackneill wrote:

    ...I said at the time I would get a prince albert...I'm told its not as painful as the nips were, i think I'm looking for reassurance and advice here.....can anyone help?

    I had a PA done just before my 50th birthday, and the piercer told me that it's the thinnest piece of skin on the male anatomy - even thinnner than the eyelids - so it hurts far less than any other piercing you can get. I don't have my nips done (yet), so I can't offer a comparison; but I would say the pain of the PA was maybe about a 6 on a scale of 1-10. It wasn't eye-watering, not even as sore as getting an injection; and it was over so quickly you barely notice it.

    There was no bleeding, it healed up really quickly, and we were having gentle sex again (with a condom on to keep things clean) after a mere 8 days. They did say 3-4 weeks, but I couldn't wait as it just made me so horny the whole time! Three years and five upgrades later, I still think it's the best sex toy I've ever treated myself to without exception - and so does Herself. Guaranteed orgasms every time!

    Go for it, I think every man owes it to himself to try this. You won't regret it.

    Herself got a vertical clit hood piercing some time later - this is really the female equivalent of the PA. Less risky than an actual clit piercing, and said to be more orgasmic as the bar or ring presses on and rubs the surface of the clit. She was a bit anxious before getting it done, but absolutely loves it to bits now/

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