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    lets hear about peoples funniest or sexiest stories of being caught either solo or getting down to it with a partner

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    Few years back I had flat warming. Morning after I walked in on my sister's pal, who had crashed without me knowing, with her legs apart wanking over one of my gf's cosmo's. Awkward but one I think about from time to time..She looked very close, but I've never verified : )

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    Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

    A few already done that are similar to this.


    thought there was another one the same as this, buts dissapeared..

    We're being censored... Orwell was right...

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    I got really drunk when i was younger and invited 1/2 the pub back to our house for a party, as we walked in my brother and his girlfriend were at it in the front room! They were mortified!

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    Was with my first partner, getting down to it on his settee when his father and 2 nieces come through the front door. Luckily I had a duvet over me and the ex just had to do up his trousers. Only thing I had to do was make sure they didnt want the duvey covering my nakedness and to get rid of my red face =S

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    I'm a good boy and have never been caught doing anything in my life. . . . .or maybe I'm just too crafty!

    SG x

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    An ex flatmate chapped my room at one point and I'd genuinely gone to bed, I sleep naked and had started using the gigi; thought it was the OH so threw something on and answered which took a few moments. He was very tactful but went downstairs pissing himself laughing. Sleeping on the sofa He's had to pass trousers to me under the duvet when Dad got in,

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    A few years ago when i was with my ex we were going at it for sometime and id just pulled out ready to finish all over her breast when her dad walked into the room. We both froze and said nothing. Her dad just turned around and walked out the door and after that we just couldnt carry on lol

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    I've been caught a few times. The first was a few years ago when I was going down on my then girlfriend just as my mum walked into my bedroom. I decided to save myself jumping behind the door out of sight leaving the girl spread eagle on the end of the bed. I suppose the decent thing would have been to cover her up, oh well.

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    Nexas wrote:

    I've got two...

    One involves my ex's mother walking into the bedroom as I was going down on her (my ex). We managed to hide everything well actually!

    Another was when I gave her her first orgasm...no idea anyone had a clue until my parents later mentioned to me that we should wait until people are sleeping to be that noisy ^_^'

    lol.... oh thats a great one. Didnt think about that but now u mention it ive had a group of teenagers I know of (they live down the street and play out till late) walk past me making moaning and groaning noises then giggle and point. Needless to say that had heard me a few times in the summer when my bedroom windows had been open =S

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    my funniest moment has to be, well this isnt exactly getting caught but i thought this was funny when it happend, was about 10 in the evening and was a hot night so we had the bedroom windows open in our flat and we started making one of our home movies and as i start getting some fantastic oral i started to get very loud and very vocal, we start 69 and then to doggy position where my wife became rather loud and vocal only for us to then start hearing from outside "whyyyy go for it mate bang her brains out", "go on my son think of england" etc only for us to descover the people who live below us were having a lil party which had spilt out to the green area just below out bedroom

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    i've never been actually caught, but i did once tell my boyfriend to get his sexy cock back here...only to realise his mother was outside the door.....shes walked in on me changing fair few times before as well

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