• Best sex you ever had

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    ooo good job yu sorted it in the end, a woman duped for a computer game would be a very angry one. Not that i speak from experience lol x

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    Lots and lots of bests and all with DD (lucky me!):

    - My first orgasm was pretty amazing...he was licking, kissing and nibbling my back and I just randomly came. I think fondly of that first gorgeous rush of pleasure!

    - I loved the time he asked me to do a striptease for him...watching & feeling him getting hard and teasing him till he couldn't stand it any more and he just had to ravish me! Yum!

    - The time he spanked me till I cried (because I needed the release of crying but couldn't do it on my own) then we had slow, loving , tender sex...DD licked and kissed the tears from my face and it was just completely perfect.

    - "12 in 2" day way pretty frickin' good... 12 orgasms in 2 hours from all kinds of kinky shennanigans!

    - The time we had sneaky sex on a sofa while all our friends were asleep on the floor near us was great fun!

    - The sex we had when we were (temporarily) broken up was beautiful, sad, intense, passionate....amazing.


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