• what has happened to me!

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    hello, this is a bit embarresing for me, but i don't know anywhere i can go to find out!

    i'm 19, and i've never had an orgasm, i bought a bullet vibe from lovehoney to help this process along, but trying it out, i've not had the result i was hoping for.

    i am aware that i ejaculated, but there was no amazing feeling, no fireworks. does this mean that i've had an orgasm but just can't feel it? because i felt absolutly nothing, so now i'm feeling a bit useless.

    i hope someone can help me out because i feel a bit abnormal!

    thanks x

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    Hello new member!

    There are a few threads on topic like this, always a new one popping up!



    Have a forum search to see a little more. Also it might be worth a general internet search, I posted links in another thread somewhere that might have more info that I got online.

    Good luck!

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    oh, i'm sorry! i did have quick look but couldnt find anything, i've searche the internet, there seems to be girls with the same problem, but no solution, but i'll have a look through them links, thankyou very much! x

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    LoveHoney - Bot says:


    This is a common problem, so please don't worry.

    Check out these previously created threads for great advice from people have been in exactly the same position as you before:

    Struggling to orgasm... am I normal?
    What does an orgasm feel like?
    Recognising an orgasm
    Why is orgasming so difficult?

    You might also like to read what sex experts Em & Lo and Tracey Cox have had to say.

    In short, you need to just relax and stop trying to have an orgasm. If you just masturbate to enjoy the nice sensations, you'll get there eventually!

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    they say its all to do with the mind about being stressed ur not having 1 id recomnd the hitachi magic wand how that will fail you i have no idea. there was a whole section on it on this morning on monday morning saying its about relaxing and stress

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    I can't really speak for anyone else but I can ejaculate and I can orgasm...sometimes it happens at the same time and sometimes not Hope this helps you feel a tiny bit better at least!

    "you are not alone....tra la la la"


    PS if you do a forum search for "squirting" you might find some useful stuff too

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    try a rabbit vibrator like the jessica rabbit one....and let yourself go :)

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