• Sex and orgasms after a hysterectomy


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    Pinkanimal you won't regret it ive never looked back after i got mine done i still went out and bought tampax i was so used to buying them but honestly go and get it done xxxx

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    Had mine done 18 mnths ago at the age of 48, best thing I've ever done, wish I'd done it 10 years earlier. Womb & cervix removed but kept ovaries, sex and orgasms are great and no periods or stomach cramps, win win.

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    I have an appointment 8th December to discuss things with my consultant x

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    Hope it all goes well pinkanimal x

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    Hi pink animal, one of my best friends had to have an emergency hysterectomy this summer, a full cut up and down too, so her recovery took a while. This was only because it was an emergency.

    She still has fears about penetrative sex, and I have tried to reasure her, but it's going to take her some time to get her confidence back. She is however now experimenting with anal play and has started to wear a butt plug occasionally. She is also loving her wand vibrator on her clit, she can come in seconds acording to her husband. She has had penatrative sex a few times, but she hasn't really enjoyed as much as before, but this is a mental thing.

    As her surgery was emergency she didn't get the sort of care and support that I think is needed. She is finding her pleasure in different ways now, eg anal and clit play.

    I don't want to frighten you more reasure you that with propper care and a good consultant you should have a good experience, and return to enjoying sex. Even if you do find that your not enjoying things the same way as before, you can always try other things.

    Good luck with your appointment. Make a list of questions you want to know the answer to befor you go in then before you leave check that you have got the answere you wanted, if not ask. People always remember loads of questions when they have left the room.

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    one of my good friends had this done and also lost her cevix. She was VERY nervous about sexual issues.

    She was relieved clitoral orgasms were there / same as before.

    She did state the first couple of penetrative sessions she and her partner were more mental blocked and cautious but yes she lost a little length in canal but her partner is not huge so she thinks it was a benefit to feel more "full".

    Take time to heal and best wishes.

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    Thankyou both some very good advice. My husband isn't too large so I should be fine I hope.
    Excellent advice on the list of questions too Thankyou fun Louise x

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    My OH had hysterectomy 2 years ago and had it all out. It was a long process and time to heal but now our sex life is better than ever

    She has no pain and we are just now finding our very naughty side.

    It's a big op but support will be there.

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