• How to squirt?

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    Hey guys I'm desperate to be able to squirt my OH keeps trying but he doesn't have too much confidence id love to be able to do it and suprise him any tips??? X

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    Lots and lots of threads on this subject already. Just the search feature x

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    Hey there 

    This is a popular subject. For that reason we have a long standing thread on this already: 


    We also have a more recnt one: 


    Just pop the word squirting into the search function and these will pop up :) 

    Please do continue your discussion over on one of these threads. It helps the forum so it is not saturated with one topic. 

    Lots of helpful advice in our blogs too: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2007/09/06/female-ejaculation-how-to-squirt/

    Lots of members here have posted some fab tips in the above and may even have more sugestions wink

    I will close this one so you can move onto the other posts now 

    Thank you 

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