• Dirtiest thing you have done or wanted female oh to do to you or do to your male oh

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    dirtylips wrote:

    Gentle giant

    Sorry meant P spot, can't even find it on the keyboard let alone inside my OH. Been trying awhile and I'm sure my oh humours me more than enjoys a finger inside of him.

    Question My oh loses his erection but there is precome, does that mean he is turned off, turned on or has erectile dysfunction but is still turned on. He says he is he doesn't make much noise even during sex, quiet type in every possible way.

    Hi Dirty lips once your practiced at milking prostate its possible to give him a unstimulated cock free orgasm. This orgsm is the pinnacle of male orgasm. It lasts twice a along and gives twice as much ejaculant.

    Its very dominating and many women love the control over their man. This in turn makes a feeling of bonding and loving.

    Yes he can stay soft from this form of sexual stimulation. It can be so rewarding from just a small movement in just the right place to have him wrapped around your finger so to speak literally. To see him wriggle and squirm on the to of you finger gives a huge feeling of confidence and wellbeing to any woman.

    For any more tips please feel free to ask

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    The dirtiest thing I have been involved with was with a group of friends, 3 ladies and 2 men ( my wife and I included ), were stripped off, bent over in a line and each one in turn made to go down the line and pull open each persons bum cheeks and rim for 5 minutes before moving on to the next person until everyone had their share and then go to the end of the line and the next person went through the same and so on until everyone had a turn. I must admit that I realy enjoyed rimming the ladies but had a job with a male bum although it was as clean and looked as good (maybe looked better than some of the ladies ). Maybe it was there was a pair of balls below it !!! There are many more things I could quote but I would take up too much time.

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    We have a few threads that are similar or along the same lines, one bieing the Fetish Thread.

    Also the HTE and WYE games are along these lines :) 

    Please feel free to continue a nice clean wink discussion on the other thread. 


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