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    Thank u Misscasey I will def look into the sites u recommended! Throbinhood, me and u lets go!! xx

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    I've done it as an independant person on a fairly famous website. To be fair it's not really great money for the amount of effort.

    the company that hosted the website took a cut and charged you to log into their systems. In theory you could set your own call price but the market kind of set its own economy as if you charged over the going rate you wouldn't get as many calls.

    It is also fairly anti social work. you need to be available as much as possible, and you will get the most calls at stupid hours like 4 in the morning. Friday nights and Sunday nights were usually my busiest times, due to the amount of calls.

    Calls are also usually fairly short. while it's great charging a few quid a min most people who call won't last more than a minuete, so you need a high volume of calls to make any cash.

    all in all in about a month of work I made about £60.

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    aww thanks sweetlove for the info! dont think i would do it looking for big bucks but every little helps and phone sex excites me I just enjoy listening to a man pleasure himself as I talk dirty to him!! was there any calls that u thought urgh??? xx

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    Id do it if i had a partner to play on cam with. quite a turn on being watched lol

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    RosyCheek wrote:

    Its 'My Phone Sex Secrets', Paige. Definitely worth a watch. I think it was around the same time as 'More Sex Please, We're British' which featured LoveHoney and the Coco De Mer store.


    I got around to watching this so thank you for the suggestion, it was great! x

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