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    My Husband has a lot of girth. we are semi new to anal play i want to have anal sex. what actually works :) TIPS PLEASE

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    Frylockxxx wrote:

    My Husband has a lot of girth. we are semi new to anal play i want to have anal sex. what actually works :) TIPS PLEASE

    Lots of lube obviously and working up to it over a period of days or more like weeks, depending on your body. You could use something like this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=3539 Over several sessions until you feel your body is ready. You may find that vibrating toys allow you to "open up" more easily so you could try a vibe with a gradual increase in girth. Relaxation is important and I usually need to give my SO a long massage so she is relaxed enough to take it without discomfort. Even then we use a toy of fingers to loosen things up a bit. Hope this helps!
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    Take your time, and go slow at first. Always with lots of lube.

    My favourite is http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32745

    I speak from experience in giving and recieving anal. The above lube is waterbased which is better than silicone based lube for your anal hygiene. It also is really thick and stays slick much longer than most. A lot of other brands go tacky quickly.

    I started with fingers, slowly fingering until GF was comfortable, and then we moved onto long necked butt plugs, which she would leave in during intercourse. Helped her to get used to having something in her ass. She now loves to be taken in the ass and has even mentioned that she wished I was bigger!

    She often does me, but that is for a differnt thread I guess.


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    Hi and welcome to the forums xx

    Play on own for a bit using your fingers to stretch you and plenty of lube. Then move onto something of a suitable size.....plenty of plugs, anal tools and dildos available at Lovehoney and all state the inesertable length, circumference etc. Teach your body to relax when inserting a toy, breathe deeply and push it in a little further each time you exhale.....that's when your muscles will be at their most relaxed. The same applies for removing it. Dont just yank it out of you'll hurt yourself. This also applies to your oh when you get round to having anal sex.....gently does it.....at least to start with.

    Remember to take your time.....it's not a race. If you prepare yourself properly there's no reason why you both should be enjoying anal sex in the near future xx

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    You already have great advice here which I can't really add anything too, except to reiterate relaxation is certainly the key.

    Lube will obviously make the experience better, for both of you, and remember if he does take a dip anally, never be tempted to go straight from there to vaginal sex without a quick wash, or wear a condom anally, then whip it off to transfer to vaginal sex. You don't want to be risking infection after all.

    Mostly, I would just say enjoy, I know I do, and to be honest I was having anal sex before I tried any anal toys, I just knew it was something I wanted and my body kindly obliged!!

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    I'd say ....bite the pillow

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    I agree with other comments, TAKE IT SLOW. Relax, use plenty of lube and re-apply every so often and build it up, don't rush things.

    The first few times will be strange but once you become farmiliar with the feeling you do start to enjoy it, communicate constantly whilst exploring it, be vocal about when it feels fine and when it doesn't.

    It's an experience together that you build upon together but is also one of the trickier things to master. Enjoy yourselves and respect one anothers boundaries ^_^

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