• *free* christmas gifts to the OA!

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    AdnaW wrote:

    MistressCara - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=8113 because sometimes it's nice to be submissive....no? ok this then - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=17401 because she'd look amazing in it and she said she doesn't have much pink in her wardrobe!

    Hope I haven't missed anyone ...... and I hope I don't have any acidentally repeated links where I may not have copied properly....if there are any duplicates or any that seem odd then give me a shout

    As you can see, I have lots of christmassy love to share


    Thank you!! cheeky... lol

    Ooh I do love the pink set. Thanks sexy!

    I want to buy someone a prostidude, just to be particularly scary. Perhaps Nexas if he is feeling left out, lol. Ooh and a Teddy Babe cos theyre HILARIOUS. I particularly love the reviews. Awww I want one actually! Snuggle snuggle lol

    and for the girls, some of those knickers in baubles, rub my duckies for every season, a tracey cox bullet cos theyre the nuts and their choice of a sweet streak corset each! xxx

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    To all the ladies i would have loved to send you the pocket queen that should be seen on here shortly and to all the fellas a tube of the pure aloe soothing lube that should also be on here soon xxx

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    oh a jimmy jane candle! lovely! :-)

    i really should write a list out for here considering im the one who made this topic lol, i will do it before xmas i promise!


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    Aww thank you everyone! Bride2b, what a nice thought! If money was no object I would have loved to have bought every one of you a lil somethin!! But as it is, I can't, and it was hard to choose . So i'm going to formulate a list of what I would have bought and post it soon!! x

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    Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

    Oooh, I do love the fishnet catsuit AW. (Is it on my wishlist? I think it is..) I keep meaning to get one, but never do! Lol!

    Yes it was on your wishlist! I haven't had a lot of time to keep up to date with what's on the main site lately but I'll be having a catch up over the xmas period.....you would, of course, look stunning in any fishnet catsuit and you definately should get one!

    Far too frazzled and tired to type lots today so I'll catch up with the forums over the weekend hopefully!


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    my old boss used to wear fishnets, and yes - i had an unhealthy obsession. a fishnet catsuit would indeed be awesome!! :)

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    I would love to get everyone loads if money was no object. As there is so much to choose from I would like to get everyone a lovely big LH hamper to say thankyou for making me feel so welcome on here. Merry Christmas. x

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