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    Love Honey has set up a little gizmo for forum members so that you can see something on somebody's public or shared wish lists and, if you want, buy it for them. You pay Love Honey, they dispatch to the person whose list it's from, and somebody gets a pressie they wanted without having to reveal their real life name or address (because Love Honey know it already!).

    There are lots of lovely people on here, some with more money than others, and occasionally they'll get a little something sent in the post to their friends.

    There's also an (unrelated) scheme to send out product samples to people who'll test them and give an in-depth review. Again, Love Honey find people who've reviewed thigs already, who have their address on their profile and who have a wishlist of currently un-reviewed items to choose from. They send you an e-mail and post you something that hopefully you'll want to use, on condition that you give it a good try and then write a review. So sometimes volunteer reviewers will get something nice in the post, too! (I've had a couple of nice things to try that I wouldn't have bought otherwise.)

    The moral of the story is - fill your wishlists!

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    diamonds wrote:

    woo with this xmas gift giving still going on! :-D

    i love reading about this when it happens, gives out them warm fuzzies!

    though as im nosey, im always a bit dissapointed when people dont say what they got! lol


    Consider myself told - sorry love it was these http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=13560 A very lovely and generous gift!


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    19 Xmas pressies that won't get you laid:


    Not that LH stock any of them...

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    Looks like Bagpuss crawled down his cock.

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    Loves huni wrote:


    did someone actually turn that film 'human centipede' into christmas decorations?? :|

    oh and this one - just had me giggling! http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-19-christmas-presents-that-will-not-get-you-laid/P14/

    It doesn't even have a red nose! Mind, it might be to avoid confusion.

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    I was going to suggest a secret Santa thing where people put their name forward and someone else get something of their list for a set amount but I forgot to mention it.... Nevermind it seems people are doing it all year round anyway and maybe it's about time I got in on the act.

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