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    searched through and can't find a specific thread on this subject.

    Over the weekend me and my OH had a very stressful couple of days, without going into too much detail we were both really really angry but not with each other. We got into bed a couple of nights ago and we were both being quite rough and forceful with each other but it was like we were watching another couple having sex. Afterwards we sat and talked about it and have decided we will never have angry sex again. I just wondered if anyone else had this type of experience as it has shook us both up quite a bit x

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    Hello Red! Never experienced this type of thing girl. Sex is the last thing on my mind if I've got a cob on. To be honest I can't remember the last time I was angry! Very laid back us scousers ;-) SG69 x

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    Sorry to hear that *hugs*. I haven't had something like this happen. My OH tends to just roll over if he has a mood on and I just sulk.

    I find we tend to do lil things to get the other out of their bad mood (making cups of tea, rubbing backs, pulling faces, etc). It's good that you talked it about it though.

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    Sorry Red30, never experienced anything like that with my current partner. My ex used to always want sex if he was angry, even if he was angry with me. Sometimes I think it was an excuse to be rough with me to get rid of his frustration. I didn't want it, but knew if I said no there would have been a massive argument and sulking for days on end. It always left me feeling upset and unloved.

    It's never happened in my current relationship, but i'm a different person now, older and wiser and much more confident - I just wouldn't let it happen now.


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    I have to say I've never experienced angry sex quite as you described.

    When my OH and I broke up for a while we had some quite intense sex. I remeber feeling a mixture of heartbreak, love and some anger but it all just sort of translated into passion. It was amazing because I was feeling so much so deeply. In reality though it's not something I'd want to repeat because of all the pain we went through at the time.


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    hi red,i am sorry for the experience you had,,and i can honestly say iv never had that kind of experience myself,as a general rule we dont go to bed while angry even if its not with each other,we always try to sort things out before bed time,all i can surgest is that you both talk about it and see if you can resolve it that way..take care b2b x~x~x

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    Yep! Had angry sex after I had done something VERY bad (use your imagination ...) but it ended up being making up sex. It began with anger but that soon went to be replaced by a very intense desire for each other wiht me realising what a dick I'd been.

    It was kinda frightening but good came out of it ...

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    Thanks for the comments, like i said we weren't angry with each other one bit and we talked over the "situation" all weekend but it was like it just wasn't either of us! We never go to bed angry with each other, to be honest i've never had reason to be angry with him for anything it just scared me slightly because we were both like different people not nice at all. x

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