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    Agree with FireMonkey here.

    If the door is locked and no-one can see in then I suppose by all means do what you want. Also, bear in mind that at peak times, there can be a queue to use the showers so it wouldn't be very considerate if you made people wait for a shower if they needed to get back to work etc.

    However, as a guy, I would hate to use the gym showers only to find that the floor etc is sticky from the prevous user being a bit over excited. Bit of edging however does no harm whatsoever...

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    Kirsty92 wrote:

    So I went to the gym and decided to have a shower there instead of a bath at home. Now they say exercise makes you horny and for me it's certainly true. So I strip off, get into the shower and start washing.

    The water was such a good pressure even hitting my head felt great, shame the shower can't be taken off the wall! Next thing I know my hands are wandering over my nipples but I didn't have the time for a full on play.

    My question is... What do you think about play in a public shower?

    A few things that are important:
    1. There are no children at the gym
    2. It's a closed cubicle
    3. It's a woman's only changing room
    4. I was alone in there

    Won't lie I just wanted my purple dildo and to have a play so bad it took so much for me to walk away. Obviously I wouldn't take my toys (but we are getting a shower at home soon so will be taking toys there!)

    I don't see an issue, as for your home shower if you want one like at the gym you'll need a power shower IE. with a pump, more so if your water pressure is poor.

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    I was a good quiet girl and there was no queue there never is in ours (but people did keep coming and going... There's a cum joke in there somewhere lol)

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    Sounds fine to me! If it was a communal shower with children running about then obviously not! Wouldn't be my cup of tea but each to their own, must be very exciting!

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    Oh no I definitely wouldn't if there was kids around pr if it wasn't locked

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