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    I'm in a relationship and I don't have the biggest sex drive. I recieved my order of toys today and I'm just not 100% comfortable yet, any tips or advice? I bought a basic bullet, a basic vibrator and some dice to maybe get my drive going a bit more by messing around.

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    First of all, welcome!

    As far as suggestions go I say just don't worry too much! Sex should just be fun and relaxed, not uncomfortable. Have you thought of trying some stimulation products? I personally enjoy some orgasm balm like these:



    You might also just need some romancing first. I'm a sucker for a long romantic massage that turns into an erotic night in. Just light some candles and away you go! It's a little more sensual than just turning on a vibrator and hoping you'll just suddenly feel excited. LH do some great massage candles as well.

    Good luck!x

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    A romantic night in is the best way to boost a sex drive! Massages, baths, seducing will send your sex drive through the roof. As Bex said, LH do some great massage candles which can add some intimacy to it all, too.

    Have you explored any fantasies you may have? Is there anything you are desperate or willing to explore? Maybe exploring these can help get things going? x

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