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    Mine is sex with my female best friend. She's gorgeous. 5 ft 5, blonde hair, big tits and a lovely round ass. I fantasise about her all the time. One night we were out and got drunk. We ended up snogging and going back to mine. I snogged her again and we were feeling each other's tits. I went to the toilet and came back but she had fallen asleep. I couldn't believe it. Had a couple of snogs since but just waiting for the right time before I go down on her. This is turning me on writing about it. I'm away to get my rabbit out. C ya.

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    That's hot! My gf had a similar experience and they used their toys on one another. Got me so excited when she told me the story about it!
    You'll have to let us know if this every eventually happens!

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    Mine is very similar to yours if I'm honest.
    I dream of coming home one night late and finding my gf and her best friend playing around with each other... But they haven't heard me come in. So I watch them for a while through a gap in the doorway, getting harder and harder as I watch.
    They then realise I'm there and invite me in to join them. But before they let me touch them, they put on a jar little show for me. Making me sit in the armchair and watch

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    Hi guys there's already a open thread on this :) if you stick all posts on the same thread it's easier for everyone to find and share. Lots of pages of fantasies here, x


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    My wife pegging me. Never done it before but it seems a popular activity here!

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