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    Donna&dave wrote:

    My wife has only managed it once and she don't no how she did it.

    Well you know what they say?

    Get in there! :)

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    My experience has been that at least 3 of the women I've slept with have squirted. The technique I used generally first involves getting your partner aroused first, you need a decent amount of foreplay because you need arousal for blood flow to increase and cause her clit and gspot to become hyper sensitive, without the build up play it's harder or even impossible.

    Once she's ready, if she's on her back with legs open, you want to put at least a couple of fingers in, middle and ring finger are longest and best, go in palm up, hook your finger tips upwards as you move in, you'll feel her pubic bone above your fingers follow that around keeping your fingers pointed upwards, if she's aroused and her gspot is engorged you'll feel a slight bump which normally has a rougher texture to it, that's her gspot, pressure here is going to feel super amazing, you want to play there for a bit to build up the excitement.

    When she's quite turned on you want to move about 0.5 to 1 inches deeper than her gspot, your finger tips should be pointing more or less directly upwards at this point pushing against the ceiling of her vagina, you want to slowly and carefully put a lot of pressure here with your 2 fingertips. Make sure you've trimmed your nails right down and even better file them smooth otherwise you risk it being painful. You can put quite a lot of pressure here, I'm a large guy (6'1") with quite large strong hands and I've found that your hands will buckle under the pressure before it's too much for her, however always be careful and check with her she's OK.

    Prolongued pressure and massage here is hard because you're going to be right at your fingertips and that'll make your fingers/hand ache so it's good to have started slow and spend some time on the gspot as well. Pressure in this area is sequeezing the urethra the canal between her bladder, here there's a gland called the skene gland which is suspected to be the source of female ejaculation. The skene gland shares a common evolutionary basis as the postate for males with pressure there during strong orgasm the skene gland contracts and shoots out female ejaculate, it might feel a bit like pee when you first do it but it's not.

    Hopefully that'll help some couples out there explore squirting, I can't really give advice for women trying this flying solo, best advice I can give is probably to get a toy which hooks at the end and can hook around your pubic bone, your main issue will be getting enough pressure and keeping it on for prolongued period. It may also be too intense for some women, it's a really strong orgasm and it might be a little over stimulating for people not used to it, build up to squirting with gspot orgasms is good advice.

    For guys, obviously maintain consent if fingering with a lot of pressure she may want you to stop or use less pressure, don't force it, super important. If she does squirt she may feel embarrased by it or awkward so it's important to recognize that.

    Oh yeah and put a towel down, and no it's not going to squirt across the room like you see in porn, the vast majority of squirting in porn is them peeing, sorry to burst that bubble :)



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    Is it me, or did it just get hot in here! :)

    I've squirted quite a distance it has to be said! Bout 2/3 ft

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    Best get you OH to wear a mac lol. She more or less trickles bought a G spot vibe here wow what a difference! Must do a review on that


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    Omg..you have me in fits!!

    Maybe a brolly haha :)

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    omg at first i found that description hot then i burst into fits of giggles... Mac & Brolly xD I might've managed it once and my word i made a mess thankfully because ive been exploring it I laid a towel under my bum and tucked it up just in case. Last thing i want is to be taking wet sheets down to the wash with a busy family

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