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    We are going away and staying in a hotel.

    we are after advice on ways to make the most of our break. We are haven't tried anything adventurous before.

    any advice/ideas on how to make the most of our time in the hotel is very welcome.

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    I guess it depends on the resources you have vs the resources you'll buy as well as what you're both into.

    You could try a bit of light bondage I quite like the idea of tying up or being tied to the bed and giving a little show or just being teased to the point where you just want to do something but being tied down you can't. Also like the thought of teasing a guy to that point too. If you do this though have a safe word and establish rules I know this sounds weird I like the thought of being tied down BUT I don't like my ankles being restrained too much a mate grabbed my ankle in the pool once I lashed out even though I knew it was just my mate. In the end I accidentally kicked him in his manhood

    OR perhaps role play? Find out the most desired outfit and get it or do your best to make one yourself.

    Maybe find out their deepest naughtiest fantasy and go for it. I've always wanted to be pinned and done against a wall it all depends on preferences.

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    Watersports in the hotel bed.
    Watersports = pee play. It's so so so naughty and erotic!

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    Ask for a room with a wet room, plenty of scope for water sports!!!.

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    For an unforgettable night of hot sex in your hotel room, imagine getting dressed up and role-playing. Where you're someone else and pretending to be those characters. Discuss your favourite scenarios or erotic stories with your OH, and decide what roles you are going to act out.

    Roles you might want your OH to act out, or consider, in a hotel environment are vast. For instance, you might want to discuss her playing a dominatrix you are visiting in the hotel (you might want to reverse the roles here!) Other roles could include the sexy nurse on a hotel call; the sexy room-maid and the hotel guest; the call girl at the hotel bar who’s looking for her next client (our favourite), strangers across the hotel bar, or in the hotel restaurant (another of our favourites), or the one night stand. The scenarios are endless.

    For inspiration, check out the following websites where you can get lots of inspirational advice:







    (See “Wild Sex Games” and “Sex Games” sections)




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    Tie each other up! That was a start of getting more adventurous for us. We used one of my ties and the went on to spending money on lovehoney.

    Try some clitoral cream.

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