• So, help me with a surprise

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    Its always nice to surprise one-another.

    Mrs City has taken the kids to Disney for a week while i am at home over-seeing the house getting rewired.

    She'll be back Friday, no doubt feeling knacked but pleased to see me. What can the Love Honey massive come up in terms of a surprise - now im not talking cook dinner, flowers etc etc, she gets those sort of surprises and reciprocal things all the time. I want something a bit out of the ordinary and preferably involing sex or sexual actos of some description.

    Haloween theme something or other?

    Hit me with your ideas



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    Cheers Carly, reckon i could get away with the above dressed as the Grim Reaper? Hehe .Budget within reason not a problem

    Ill read the other threads and see if they bring some inspiration.

    Keep 'em coming please



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    Heres just some ideas that come to mind:

    - Tickets to the Erotica 09 event and/or the ball

    - Liberator sex furniture http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/brands/liberator/

    - On the haloween theme, you could create a "sex dungeon" in the bedroom by decordating the room with some blood red candles in wroght iron holders, chains, shackles, maybe even use party wall paper to give a stone wall effect if you want to go the whole hog. http://www.partybox.co.uk/details.asp?product=5501. Once you've set the scene you could spend the night indulging in some light bondage...use restraints, whips...whatever tickles your (and her) fancy!



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    I agree Erotica 09 would be good!

    Something dead easy to do wuold be to turn the lights down and get her all snuggled up and relaxed, maybe with a glass of something nice and get her to close her eyes while you read out a sexy story or two. Might help her if she's knackered to get into the mood. And focusing all on her in a way where she doens't ahve to do anything is nice.

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    Did you go for the Grim Reaper's cloak with nothing underneath?!!


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