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    Hi me and my OH have a really healthy and enjoyable sex life over the 4 years we've been together and are happier than ever in fact we're getting married next year.

    We have sex regularly at least once a day, but recently it has slipped a bit and I find myself wanting mainly more of the kinky bondage Alex we enjoy. She enjoys this too but we don't get as much chance to do this.

    I'm open to more ideas and taking things further in bed but she isn't any ideas on things to try or get some more mojo back. Oh and she doesn't like toys on herself.


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    Watch some video's for information, I'm unsure if mentioning the name of a well known sex genius whose products are sold on her. She has fantastic ideas videos, brilliant instructions etc
    there's always lingerie to make her feel good, I don't know if you've ever considered roll play? Theirs some hot outfits on here too check out.
    Also it could just be one of those periods in life that we all go through, we lose our mojo for awhile oh but when it comes back Wooohooo
    Hope I've been of some assistance and am certain you'll soon be back on track

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