• Circumicised or not?

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    I am new on the site, don't blame me for screwing up the quoting and replying..

    I've only been 'properly' with my husband (ie not including the petting and fumbling as a teenager) and he's uncircumcised. I'm not sure whether it would make a difference to be honest x

    I'm not sure either, maybe a small difference, but i think it's mostly just subjective
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    I'm circumcised and the guys and girls I've been with have told me they prefer that

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    I don't have a preference and I've had both x

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    As a cirumsized guy its interesting to read what ohers are saying about it.

    Ive been in group sex situations and seen guys who aren't cut and it always does fascinate me to watch them with the extra skin covering their hood and I wonder what that must feel like.

    I do find that once i've cum, my cock head is very sensitive staight afterwards. Do others find this too?

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    Strapon! wrote:

    I guess this is the kind of subject that is only an issue if you think its an issue. x

    Yep. And +1 to everything frenchsirius, WandA, Mr Monster, Alicia D'amore, pixieking, Krys and others have said on the subjects of hypocrisy and double-standards, myths, and consent.

    I have no real sexual or cosmetic preference in the sense that I've never seen the big deal some people have about it, especially in the US (and I'm from the US). Nor would I outright reject someone for it either way... it feels like a deeply personal and potentially hurtful thing to make blanket judgements on; like the undying 'Does size matter?' and 'Curvy vs Skinny' and I'm always wary of threads like this.

    I will say that as far as the concept goes, I'm more comfortable with the au naturale. It's not only what I've had more experience with, but I was raised quite organic-oriented myself. Most of all, the one fact about circumcision that I cannot reconcile with, is the fact that most men do not get to choose it for themselves- it is a decision usually made by their parents and while sometimes it is for purposes of religion (which I don't agree with, but...) and occasionally a real medical concern, it is often (in the modern US, at least) solely for cosmetic effect, 'hygiene' myths, and fitting in with a social 'norm'. And that's just not cool with me.

    So to be clear; No judgement on cut men, just on the practise itself (where a child is concerned but a legitimate medical reason is absent).

    Otherwise, like I said, I've really only had much experience with uncut men; so all the input I can give on that front is that I do enjoy using the foreskin in handjobs and oral sex like a built-in mini stroker (and so do they!); and it sometimes gets into a wrestling match with my labia and makes entry awkward for a few seconds, but it's no big deal really.

    I find it odd how many posts have mentioned one way or the other 'looking better' (which is a horrible argument in the first place), then in the same breath say penises don't look nice anyway. I like how they look. [Shrug] Incendiaire's comment on the subject was very interesting, though- that distinction between porn and reality.

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    Although I'd lean slightly towards un-cut, I really don't have much of a preference either way.

    After all, variety is the spice of life!

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