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    It's been about a year so what are your thoughts now??? just like the film your on a plane. It goes down and you find yourself on an island. A parcel floats in with the tide it could be from lovehoney or from your favourite confectionery shop Witch one and what's in your parcel? (your chose but don't forget just like the film you are going to be there a while and on your own except for Wilson of corse)

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    Haha, like this question!

    My package would be from LH of course and would contain the 50sog glass wand, Tracey Cox wand with plenty of batteries (or even better, some batteries that never ever run down), Doc Johnson ultra lube and a sexy bustier and crotchless pants! Oh, and while we're at it, the chocolate body paint, that way I get my choccy fix!

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    Mine would be from the Bear Grylls shop containing rope (not for any practical use, just to wear walking around), a knife, a saw, a spear gun and some snorkeling equipment. A tent might come in handy too!

    If that is a bit much to ask for then a record player and some matches so I can play the records that Kirsty Young gave me and use the Bible to get the signal fire going!

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