• Too tired....!

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    So since being back from hols we both seem to be exhausted and our sex life is severely suffering! It's not that we don't want too, we just can't seem to summon up any enthusiasm or energy. We both work 6 days a week and are both up at 6am. Plus we have a son and a house guest, so we need to plan a little............advice, hints or tips are welcome!

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    How about setting your alarm for half an hour earlier in the morning?

    Or do you have anyone that could take the wee one for a cheeky weekend overnight and give you a long lie?

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    IV Redbull?

    In all seriousness, maybe try spacing out sex with some teasing - that way you'll both be very horny and looking forward to the real deal. The more often I orgasm the less I involved I am in it

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    I definitely wouldn't worry bout it to much everyone goes through "dry spells"I would definitely recommending the sleepover for you little one if possible gives you and oh chance to catch up and sleep or is your house guest able to take your little one out to the shops and park give you hour or so to yourselves if not them when you get home put a little something that will let your other half no what you want under pillow/ quilt so seen when you both get in to bed and that might give you/oh the kick start you need I works for me and hubby x

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    Have a shower together, you have to do that anyway do why not do it together and see what happens

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