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    This is so lovely.
    I'm pleased this got a bump so that I could read your story.
    Best of luck to you both.

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    naughty mum wrote:

    Was told I needed to update my thread...which is probably due😊
    He has pretty much moved in now. His house plant is on my windowsill... His socks and sock draw is in my bedroom, his wok and slow cooker in my kitchen...his shirts in my wardrobe.... We now have a sofabed for us, and a z bed for the teen who originally stated she would not sleep in a bed, and only use an airbed. We have a bunk bed in my younger sons room so we now can sleep all the kids and us comfortably now..no airbeds.
    The next discussion is " who's Xmas tree shall we use"... We have a hiking holiday planned for next year...
    Our lovemaking has become even more sensual and comfortable. It have found that I am totally at home in my own skin around him.now...even with my tum which is still being very resilient and will not shift no matter how much I diet and exercise!
    I can see us having a great Xmas for once.....
    I have found my soulmate who loves me totally... And I feel so so happy.
    Long may this last

    Any update naughty mum

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    So delighted for you!! Thank you for sharing this experience with us !

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    Love reading your updates

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    Fabulous just fabulous.

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    I think we are well overdue another installment .


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    Ah haaa, I haven't been on the forums for a while, glad to read this update! Well done Naughty! :)

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    mysteron wrote:

    I think we are well overdue another installment .


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