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    Now I've breezed through some previous threads and can't seem to find an answer. So wondering if you gorgeous people can help, please?
    My wife loves watching girl on girl porn, which I do also. I would like to introduce porn with a man in too, so the obvious is FFM porn. Now FFM porn on its own in DVD (my wife's chosen media) is easy to find.
    I like male on male porn as well as the above, so am thinking of MMF porn, which again is always easy to find.
    I am wondering if anyone knows of somewhere I'd be able to get a mixture of the two. So that we can both have our needs fulfilled in one DVD?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi again Fire,

    Type 'theporndude.com' in the location bar of your browser. 'Porn.com' is my favourite. You will find all tastes whenever you want it in the comfort of your house. Connect your pc or laptop tp the tv using a HDMI cable. You will not have to spend or wait for a DVD to turn up and you can choose other scenes if you are not happy which you cannot do with a DVD.

    A late reply but I hope this helps.

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