• Inappropriate associations?

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    I came to realise the other day that my sex life has a massive impact on my day to day - I have a friends with benefits type arrangement with a man who repeatedly says 'good girl' every time he makes me orgasm (which is a lot!). It seems that I've made a solid association between those words and being massively turned on. I work with horses, so 'good girl' is said very frequently on the yard, so I always end up quite turned on by the time I leave!

    Anyone else made something very innocent and normal mean something definitely not innocent or is it just me?

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    My boss a habit of saying "Oh Jesus" all the time in work. If he knocks something over on his desk, if he sees someone trip over, if you tell him something bad that has happened, if he asks how your weekend was and you say it was a bit crap... no matter how big or small the problem, his standard response is "Oh Jesus". We tease him quite a lot about it.

    Anyways, about a month or so ago I had a very vivid sex dream about him, in which he kept saying "Oh Jesus" the whole way through having (pretty spectacular) sex with me from behind. Now, every time he says it in work, I think about the dream. I'm pretty sure I've hid my reaction well, but even if I do have a slight tell, at least I know that even if he notices, he can't possibly know the reason why!

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