• Forcing her through the barrier.

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    So over the last year the oh and I have been getting progressively kinkier and one of the things I like doing to her is tying her up and forcing her to come a lot more and harder than she normally would (she's pretty sensitive so wriggles about and pulls away nomally). I've got to a point where (according to her) she can't come any more without a short rest, it's like there's a barrier. I told her I'd like to push her through the barrier and her response was she doesn't think I'll be able to but she's happy for me to try.

    I was just wondering if anyone else is similar and if anyone had managed to push through, and how did you do it? And if so was it worth it in the end?

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    It's pretty normal to need a physical rest between orgasms. And no, it's not something you can push through. That whole statistic where they say the average man needs 15 minutes between ejaculations? It applies to women too; we can't just orgasm on demand for hours on end! Some women can cum once, some twice in a row some more but there does need to be a break in there at some point. It's a physical barrier, not a mental one, so not something you can work around.

    Even if you did push her and continue to stimulate her until she orgasms again (which would mean having to keep going the entire time you'd have been waiting anyway) it would probably just be painful. When she is sensitive and wriggling away it is pain from oversensitivity making her wriggle away, so continuing the overstimulation won't be pleasureable unless she is into the whole pleasure/pain scene. Whether you continue to stimulate her (which should be very gentle) or give her a break, it will still be x amount of time before she can orgasm again. Assuming she isn't physically worn out from already cumming harder than usual!

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