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    I was wondering what you all think about tattoos &/or piercings.

    Are they at turn-on or turn-off?

    If you like them, what's your favourite or what would you like to be done?

    I have both my nipples pierced (one vertically & the other horizontally) & had a Maori tattoo done on my left upper arm.

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    We have about 30 threads in this; stick tattoo or piercing into the search box and see what comes up c:

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    I think they're a turn on, I prefer tattoos to piercings though but that's probably just because I cant handle being pierced myself lol. I've got a 3/4 sleeve and full back piece planned out but need to get my OH on board with the idea because I don't think he likes them too much x

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    Hi I will have to close this thread due to it duplicating many others.

    Here are some helpful links to click, where you can continue the conversarion. This is just a few of the current threads running -

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    Question mainly for GUYS regarding female tattoos and piercings.

    differences in perception of body modification according to sex



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    Many thanks!

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