• Deepest dirtiest fantasy .... And go!!

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    I have a fantasy where my husband handcuffs me to the bed and blindfolds me, then I feel him touching me, stroking me all over . When I feel him playing with my breasts I also feel someone licking my pussy and realise that there is another man present.

    They both take turns at fucking me while I'm still blindfolded . When I take off the blindfold the other man has gone so I never see him and don't know who he is.

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    wildflower wrote:

    I have a fantasy where my husband handcuffs me to the bed and blindfolds me, then I feel him touching me, stroking me all over . When I feel him playing with my breasts I also feel someone licking my pussy and realise that there is another man present.

    They both take turns at fucking me while I'm still blindfolded . When I take off the blindfold the other man has gone so I never see him and don't know who he is.

    I'd like to do that to my OH.

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    I'd love to do that too. But I don't think we trust anyone enough to keep their mouth shut:-) lol my OH would love another man to 'do' me but like I say. Who to trust?

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    I've already posted this fantasy, but I thought I would re-do it with a bit more detail,, I can't spell or write, too.

    You get in from a long day, I've already got dinner laid out on the table with soft music and dim lighting, the meal is lovely, everything you know I like, but oddly only orange juice to drink, I say you know we've got some champagne in the fridge?, yes he says, we'll 'enjoy' that later?

    After we've finished he asks, sweetheart do you trust me?, of course I do, I reply, with that he gets out a blind fold and slowly covers my eyes. Then he leads me by the hand to the bedroom, standing there he slowly removes my clothes, I can feel his breath against my little lace thong, totally naked he helps me to the bed.

    I can hear him moving around the room, soon he sits back on the bed asking me to lift up my bum, so he can push something underneath me to prop my waist up, almost bolt upright removing the pillow behind me, I can feel his breath against my naked skin, thinking he must have a nice view of me laid out in all my naked glory.

    Next I feel rope placed gently round my wrists, pulled up towards the bed head, now this is getting kinki I'm thinking, my legs are pushed apart, he's sitting between them, what now? his hands brush against my inner thighs up each side of my smooth flower, I swear I can feel the heat of his face there, next something ice cold starts to be slipped into my steaming hot flower, jesus it's cold I'm thinking, more and more of it slides inside, not quite knowing what it is still, then finally I feel my even more coldness fully against my petals.

    Some slight movement, then it starts opening me up, now I know it's a speculum, cheeky sod must have had it in the fridge! slowly it opens more and more I wonder how far he's going? still more he turns the screw until it's as wide as it will go, further than I've ever been at the doctors, I can only imagine what my poor stretched kitty must look like, a wide "v" at the top, pink skin pulled smooth, my little clit poking out to see, the blades wide apart, moist pink folds on view inside, with the 'walnut' at the top. I imagine, he can see right inside me all the way down to my little round donut, he's seen more of my body than I have! you can smell sex in the room, then up he gets and goes out of the room,,, moments later he's back, "pop" goes a cork, cheeky sod's having a drink whilst I'm tied to the bed!

    Then something freezing cold and fizzing is being gently dripped over my clit, oh my god it's cold, still more he pours, I can feel it running down between my stretched out flower petals trickling into my poor open pussy, still ice cold, more and more he pours, my kitty filling up almost to the top, then he stops. Slowly the liquid starts to warm from the heat of my sex, I'm not sure how long it takes, the bed presses down as he moves closer, what's he doing? though my kitty feels slightly different, then it starts again, more freezing liquid over my hard clit filling me up again, and again, I'm not sure how many times he's done it as my head is a bit fuzzy.

    Finally he starts to turn the screw, my kitty's slowly being released from the cold hard steel, he gently pulls it from my dripping body, the petals still splayed open, then he gives it a warm loving kiss.

    He moves whatever was under me, moving up my body he releases my hands, gently he removes the blindfold so that he can gaze into my wanting brown eyes, I'm horny and turned on like never before, mind he's had some fun with my most intimate parts I'm thinking, I can see the empty bottle of fizzy on the side, now I understand what was being poured into my sex, but where did it all go, I ask him? he's got a sly smile on his face, saying nothing he just picks up a straw,,,, so he drank it all from my open kitty, no wonder he was able to keep filling me up!

    As I go to get up my heads in a spin, gosh I feel tipsy, but I'v not drunk anything? he explains, you don't have to drink it via your mouth to get the effect!

    We've got another bottle, he says,,,,,,

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    I'm really surprised how common the desire to be pegged is... It saddens me that so many men feel their OH won't be interested... guys if she loves you she'd listen, not judge and experiment with you! I love pegging my man it just makes me sad that he's so embarrassed by it X)

    What's MY filthy fantasy? Well I wanna just be hooded, restraint and kidnapped by a few blokes one being my OH and forced into sex and other unspeakable acts at an unknown abandoned location restrained still wearing the hood (under the hood I'd be gagged with tape over my eyes). Have them physically punish me if I refuse to do their bidding. I also love the idea of them leaving me there for a few days as a prisoner of sorts in ruined torn up clothing ready for them all to use me again. Think sexy Gitmo.... Water boarding is optional ;)

    Halo H.Butt [sign in to see picture]
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    **if my fantasy seems extreme it's because I have a colourful irl sex life and act out fantasies as often as possible. I've got a dominant personality outside of the bedroom and the idea of my OH and his mates trying to break that side of me mentally and physically seems fun to me. If the physical aspect upsets or worries any reader please understand I am a major masochist so it's all part of the fun for me ^__^;

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    Going for my normal hollywood wax and the therapists fingers slip.....

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    I have two sides, I'm very switchy like that...

    Earler I was feeling very dominant. I wanted to take my nice ponygirl out for a little canter, before maybe taking her to her stable, and engaging in a litle breeding program with a nice thick Bad-Dragon toy full of spoo. After she had been thoroughly bred, I'd plug her up and lay her down to sleep...Of course, the first breeding might not be successful, so there'll be two or three sessions like this before we're done!

    But right now, I'm feeling a bit submissive, and kinda want my mistress to take me upstairs, tie me face down with a nice tape blindfold and big black ballgag, and spank me raw. And then once she's done spankng, she'll saddle up and hump me sensless with a few rather large strap-on dicks in the cupboard. And then she'd leave me there, aaaaaalllllll night...to think about what I've done wrong.

    But what I want might change by bedtime...for all I know, I might be feeling less sexual and more....evil...in which case, I'd surprise my girlfriend when she least expects it with some rope cuffs and whatever I can find to cover her eyes. I'd drag her to a space we have set out, where I'll tie her down harder and use a variety of methods to try and break her. In the past I've used things like wax/ice, a spot of knife play and liberal ammounts of breathplay. This side of me doesn't generally involve actually having sex with her, as we both agree it would kinda ruin the "Masked interrogation" scene

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    I'd love to go for a massage, turn up and be told by a gorgeous fit girl to take off all my clothes, her massaging me while we're both naked as her hands start to travel up between my legs....I'm sure you can imagine. I wouldn't be allowed to touch her though

    Also going to a sex party and having sex in front of strangers and being the only woman in a gang bang before watching my OH having sex with other woman

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    I have a couple, being completely dominated and attending a swingers party.

    kevindurham [sign in to see picture]
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    My "friend" loves golden showers, anal and the thought of her with a woman, i love golden showers, and girl on girl, we just looking for the right girl at the moment. but fantasy wise it has to be full on orgy with at least 20 people and toys everywere including bondage toys

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    The deepest, dirtiest that gets me so turned on but I would be horrified were anything like it to even vaugely become a reality is as follows.

    I have to go for a rectal exam at the hospital. It turns out that I have been chosen to be the patient that the trainee doctors will watch and then practice on. The female consultant asks me lots of questions about my lifestyle and when she finds out I use anal toys she gets me to review all the 'instruments' on the table and tell her how big and how often I insert such objects in my arse. Everyone is frantically scribbling notes as I admit to 'coming with one like that up my arse this morning.'

    She then proceeds to show the students how to give me an enema and examine me. This includes fisting me and using objects far larger than I have ever had in there before. All the trainee doctors are videoing and taking pictures 'for their records' and despite trying to hide it, it is clear from my erection that I'm enjoying the exam. The consultant draws everyones attention to my cock and proceeds to show how she can make it swell or shrink whilst fisting me.

    Now it is the turn of the trainees, male and female. They all get their turn to be filmed fisting my arse. During the last trainees insertion, the consultant says that I can play with myself if I want and I do, coming all over my face and chest whilst they film me doing so. Just as I think it can get no worse, one of the female trainees announces "My mother and aunt are going to love watching this," and I realise that she is the daughter of one of my friends.

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    ShinySparkle wrote:

    A whole nights sleep with no kids to wake me up... }:)

    So true ;o)

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    Sexy shell wrote:

    I'm thinking more like shaking the bottle then putting it up me so I can feel it fizzing inside me:-)

    I saw a female friend of mine do this at uni, and she said it was absolutely incredible.

    In terms of me, I guess I am lucky, as most of my fantasies have been done with my OH during the last three years. We now regularly do all sorts of toilet, anal, pegging, enema, sounding, spanking stuff. There aren't enough hours in the day!

    So, I have few fantasies left. The only one is she has two good female friends who I would love to shag (with her there to watch of course). In particular, one of them doesn't understand why anyone wants anal, so my partner and I would love to give her an anal education. I think my partner would offer to either of them if the chance came up, especially the anal education one!

    My OH knows how much I love being pegged, but she really wants me to feel what it is like to have a real cock expand in my arse and fill me with cum. Again, if the right person came along, she would offer the chance. She said she'd want him in her arse too, so she could compare and contrast!

    AsYouWish! [sign in to see picture]
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    Perhaps a tour round the Love Honey site would go wrong and we would be locked in the tester facility overnight by mistake. Nothing to do but surrounded by every plaything imaginable!

    aanda [sign in to see picture]
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    we have done most of ours, we were swingers for a while so have done ffm mmf and ffmm plus parties, but the best is just us together

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    Mine is to be dominated by girl. She makes me dress up in female attire including makeup wig then she handcuffs me to the bed, blindfolds me and shoves a ball gag in my mouth. She spanks and paddles me until I can take no more. Then she pulls my cock out of my panties to suck me and dildo my ass. When I'm near ejaculation she sits on my cock and rides me hard. After I've cum up her she removes my gag and sits on my face until all my cum has dripped into my mouth.

    LaSlut [sign in to see picture]
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    A gangbang with lots of random guys no condoms! me chained up and blind folded! and hours and hours of explosions inside of me ;P

    DrippingWife [sign in to see picture]
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    My all time fantasy is to wear a strap on, have sex with a lady while both our partners are watching, I want to give her the best night of her life while smiling at her partner knowing he will never do her better then me :-)

    Headboy [sign in to see picture]
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    Would like to be tied to a bed and spanked until
    I can't take anymore in a room full of people having very loud sex. The room would be neon lot. I would then have my nipples teased with clamps and licked while I am made to watch my wife being fucked by a big boobed nurse. After they have come, they laugh at my cock and order me to wank. I then have to clean the come off them.

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