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    Hi All

    i am new and totally green.

    I just purchased Jessica Rabbit some gels enhacement etc .Question is how can I tell my man to join me with those items .I never had an anal sex but fancy a bit .How do I start .

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    I'd recomend buying toys either for him, or couples toys to use together too. It comes across better showing you want to use together rather than for him to use them on you. Outside the bedroom when you're not horny just ask his opinion of anal, whether he's ever tried it, whether he'd like to try it. If he says he'd like to try it, say "me too, shall we try it one day" consider getting a douche to clean up a bit to take away some of the worries. If he says no it's gross I'd never do it, say "ok just wondering and leave it"

    at the end of the day, just ask, make it something that both of you are benefitting from and don't push, if he says no just leave it, don't try and convince him or try and find a way round it. You never tell, you ask.

    toys for him I'd reccomended, LH Monica, tenga onacups, tenga 3d and a little vibrator to tease over his head and shaft. And maybe a we vibe as a couples toy

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