• Liquid Latex?

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    It sounds like fun but - is there anywhere I shouldn't use it? What do I need to know before I experiment with it? Does it come off easy?

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    I think you should try a small patch on your skin to see if you're ok with it. (ie don't get a rash or something)

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    Liquid latex is SO much fun to use but Miss Fortune is right in that you should do a patch test first to make sure you're not allergic: latex allergies are more common than you might expect and they're not especially sexy! I'd put a splodge on your wrist/inner forearm and leave it for 24 hours...if you're still fine and dandy by then you should be good to go!

    A few tips:

    - MESS: there's no getting away from it, liquid latex is a messy business (that's part of the fun though!) so do the painting on an old sheet to save on cleaning!

    - HAIR: I'd avoid applying the latex over any body hair else it gets caught and stings when you're removing it (think pulling off a body sized plaster!). Make sure the skin you apply it to is fuzz free (but not freshly shaved...STINGY!!) and the result should look smoother and be easier to get off.

    - APPLICATORS - I reccomend the sponge applicators you can get to apply the liquid latex as it makes life so much easier and you can get different sizes to cover large areas or do more precision artwork!

    - LAYERS - In my experience it's best to put on several thin layers and build up the colour (like with nail varnish) you get a neater result.

    - REMOVAL - I've found that it's easier to remove when it's dry so if you make a mistake let it dry before you try and correct it. It's also easier to remove when you've got more layers on, when you've got just a thin coating it's a pain to get off (like picking off the sticky glue residue that you get when you peel a price sticker off)

    Happy painting!


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    Thanks for your help :-)

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