• What is your naughtiest fantasy

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    Mmmm yeah. Making me so hot tonight thinking of other situations and people x

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    Only if you play along ;)

    Deeper and deeper her tongue reaches in and massges my slaves innr most sensitive walls, making her let go and enjoy the feeling of ecstacy.

    I take my dripping wet hard member and brush it against her lip to remind her of her duties, and she responds instantly while gasping with each lick and each touch of her friend.

    She reaches for mad and grabs me by the shaft and starts rubbing me while premisciously licks up the sweet sweet pre-cum Ive kept just for her, she starts to rush her a suckle but I tell her to go slowly and to enjoy it.

    Just as I say that ,her friend changes position sligtly and i notice her arm moving back and forth, instantly i notice a change in slave's moaning, its getting too close for slave, and her frieind knows it too ;)

    Slave starts to suck on the tip of my head gently brushing her soft warm lips up and down the head of my cock takign in every drop I have for her, bringing me closer and closer to oblivion, Ive always loved slave's lips and I've never had any complaints either.

    Inch by inch she takes more and more of me in her mouth and starts fellatio, at this point the pressure is almost too much even for me, as I feel her sucking my very being, her friend is moaning to salve's moans, for a moment all three of us seem connected and its bliss.

    I pull slave closer by her hair and push deeper down her throat makign sure not to hurt her and to count to three seconds, thats the longest she can hold her breath for afterall.

    Each time I hear that grrqg noise and her body shows me how much it desires me

    Then I notice her friend is sitting next to slave and starts licking her nipples and fondling slave's clit and entrance with her other hand, I hd heard she knew her way around a woman's body but it was still so enjoyable to watch with my very own eyes.

    After making slave orgasm again and again, I felt I was goign to explode but held it in, just a little longer, we arent yet done I told myself.

    Then slave's friend moved closer to me and reached for me!

    Her touch was warm and felt inviting, she stroked me and looked me in the eye with a look that would alone make any man climax

    She guided my swollen member into her friends mouth and let slave know she was sharing me, slave smiled at the realisation and her nipples became very erect.

    I let them both have me taking their turn and giving them this sense of freedom, but I deserved my freedom too..

    I piicked up slave's friend and asked her to strip too, she gave me a nod of pure delight and hurrily ripped her clothes off, then i pointed in the position I wanted her on top of slave...her bottom facing me and her smooth entrance just above slave's mouth, dripping slightl on slave's lips

    As i brushed the tip of my cock against slave's mouth with her friend's juices I told her no sucking only licking , slave nodded and smiled in acceptence as her warm tongue licked up my pre-cum and her friends the thought of what we both taste like sent shivers of delight through slave's body and her clit swell up as her own juices started to flow...as if knowing this her friend started to lick slave's moist entrance with her tongue

    While i heard both slave and her friend pant and moan in sexual bliss, I moved the head of my swollen member north and brushed against her friend's lips rubbing her entracec to her clit and back slowly letting out juices mix and cause such sweet agonizing ecstacy!

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    Well right now my dominant fantasy is for my FB to tie up my cock and balls as tight as I can stand.

    The FB's is to then have sex when she has tied them up.

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    Good morning!

    I'm sure a few of you will know why I am here without reading the rest of my post!

    A few members broke the rules last night! (This makes Lovehoney Forum Admin sad. frown)

    Please take a moment to read over the rules here on > THIS PAGE

    Especially Rule 4.

    4. Refrain from using unnecessary expletives

    Be considerate of other members in the forum and understand that once you've posted online, anyone can view the content of your post (including non-members). Please keep our Forum Lovehoney friendly by refraining from language which is offensive, unnecessarilly graphic, derrogatory or inappropriate.

    - - -

    We removed our Erotic Fiction section of the forum for a reason which you can read here if you wish: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/inside-lovehoney/945744-important-announcement-erotic-fiction/

    Any questions please let me know.

    Happy Halloween! x

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    To the mechanic ! You've found her ; )

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    Mines 'rape' fantasy. But with two guys. Being thrown around, restrained, spanked. The tougher the better.

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    Emiie10 wrote:

    Mines 'rape' fantasy. But with two guys. Being thrown around, restrained, spanked. The tougher the better.

    Would there be DP involved?

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