• Can I learn to squirt?

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    Hi, does anyone know if I can "learn" to squirt or is it something that u can either naturally do or not at all?
    The reason I wish I could do this is because although I am straight whenever I've seen a woman do this it's REALLY turned me on!!
    The other thing I've read is that the orgasm that comes with squirting is meant to be absolutely awesom, mind blowing powerful...
    I love full uterine orgasms anyway over just clitoral orgasms do if the big O that comes with squirting is even better then I want to know about it!!! :) x

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    If you search it there are loads of threads giving advice...

    lovehoney also have loads of useful blogs and advice about it...


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    please check this link and join in the conversation here!


    I hope you find the answers you are looking for.


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