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    Hi guys

    I'm new to this and I'm looking for some advice and some tips.

    Me and the OH are going away for the weekend, first time since having the baby. I've already purchased my sexy lingerie for it but I'm looking for ideas for new things to try(take advantage of the time away)

    We are very adventurous and like to try new things, does anyone have any suggestions of what they've tried and enjoyed ?

    All suggestions welcome thanks in advance xx

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    Being tied up , nice romantic massage , playing with the toys make as much noise as you like without worrying .

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    I would recommend this for the romantic massage


    FiestyredheadxD [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank you 😊 appreciate the advice. Will be trying tying up I love to be the dominant one x

    Kaiser [sign in to see picture]
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    this is great for tie and tease http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28267

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    Hi FRH, I think it's wonderful you are thinking this way , that alone will be such a turn on for your OH. You must share this with him it will help get him going. We have done this recently and you are so right to plan to make the most of this precious time together.

    Try a little abstinence before you go, so you are both super horny before you go.

    The first thing we came up with was a photo session. My wife bought some lingerie and modelled it for me whilst I took videos and photos. Trying to make it like a proper photo shoot, her starting slow just very basic poses. Then we chose the outfit we liked the most. Then she told me to tell her how I wanted her to pose. All this and we hadn't had sex for a week. Slowly I got her to strip but I wasn't allowed to touch. Get as explicit as you can be confident and really show him what he's going to get. Spread shots are so so horny a confident aroused partner showing herself to you is a massive turn on. My wife took this even further and made me watch and film her using all her new toys from LH. She even came and then got me to take even more pics of her pussy post orgasm. By this time I was fit to burst.

    We had a nice chair in our room which she had made me sit on to do all this filming from. She made me stay in the chair put all the pillows on the floor in front of me. Then prolonged my ecstasy even more , I wasn't to come until she wanted too. She put the camcorder on a tripod because she wanted to watch my orgasm over again. The first thing she did was sit on me and coat me in her come and got straight back of. Then with lots of eye contact liked it off. She then spent ages just teasing and playing with me and a couple of times stopped to take me back from the edge. But finally totally lubed me up and gave a very slow HJ talking to me and looking into my eyes. Telling me that she wasn't going to speed it up or make it any firmer so I had to listen to her try and talk and tease my orgasm out for me.

    Just an idea, hope it helps.

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    Good ideas gentle giant will certainly keep all that in mind. We're not going away till the end of July so still got a few weeks to prepare 😊

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    purchase a few things form the Dominix range off here for some funa and games ;-)

    Or have a look at the monogamy game for couples - will set the ball rolling nicely

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    *jealous* This weekend was supposed to be my bf's Birthday suprise and I had all sorts planned for our precious time away together. He ended up having to go abroad for business and then got food poisoning too. Throroughly rubbish!

    As others have mentioned there's nothing like a bit of abstinence to make the weekend even hotter! Have a great time ;)

    FiestyredheadxD [sign in to see picture]
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    Excellent suggestions? I've purchased some lingerie for both nights, and no sex till we go away so will try some of your suggestions to make it amazing. Really appreciate the suggestions x

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