• bi sex or bi curious

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    Hi,I have a friends who asked me this..
    She is 25 and have a bf and am very happy with him! 
    But he finds it strange that she can watch lesbian porn and get off to it!! As for my friends she find 2 women together arousing and would probably sleep with a girl!

    Do you think this makes she bi sexual or bi curious..
    by the way what the difference between bi sexual and bi curious
    Any bi sex in this forum
    Opinions welcome!

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    Sexuality is just how you define yourself, bisexual is you are interesting in guys and girls, they're both sexually attractive, you're date both. Bicurious is like "I think I'd like it but I'm not sure"

    im bisexual I find men and women sexually attractive and would sleep with and date either, but I'm currently in a committed relationship with a man, we've been to a strip club together before and it was ace but now, I find myself only attracted to him, I get off watching porn but not lesbian porn anymore, and I. Honestly don't know my own sexuality.

    i think most people are at least Bicurious to be honest, but just because it turns you on watching it doesn't mean you'd enjoy doing it.

    If you would sleep with the same sex you're probably bisexual.

    If you like the idea but wouldn't you're probably Bicurious.

    but it's all about how you identify yourself, I think I'm either straight or Bicurious, I'd never sleep with a woman I have my man, but with his consent I'd watch women

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    I'm bisexual. I have slept with men and women and enjoy both. I'm happily married (to a man) but find women attractive and have the odd crush. I also like lesbian stories, but don't watch porn of any kind.

    I think that bi curious is just the stage before you sleep with a person of the same sex for the first time. You try it and like it and you're bi and if not then you're straight.

    Having said that, sexuality is what each individual defines themselves as so it can be very subjective.

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    I've had the odd crush in the past but doesn't mean I would necessarily sleep with them or even want to, you can look and just think how beautiful someone is....x

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