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    my cock n balls are allways short and shaved my wife wants me to shave or trim my bum hairs a she wants to lick my bum . whats the best way to remove bum hair ? plz

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    It sounds crazy, but I use a razor and go very carefully. Never had a problem.

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    I shave my mans pubes, ball and bum hair

    Kinky&Curvy [sign in to see picture]
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    I would guess waxin but I'm unsure because its a delicate area. (you can get waxing strips for delicate bikini areas though so they could work)

    Shaving will just cause itching and discomfort when it starts to grow back and you may not get it all.

    Any creams I suggest you stay far away from because they may irritate the area.

    Hopefully someone who has done this before can be more help X

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    waxing would be fine sack and crack waxes are quite common on men
    depilatory creams i'd get a sensitive version and patch test first
    if you shave already you just need to take a bit of extra care to avoid knicking you self the bum crack is a hard area to reach

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    Shave... You can always get her to help! :)

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    Shave, no problem. I shave every day so a quick couple of minutes whiz round and a front to back in the shower.

    Superdrug just had a good deal on Gillete razor and blades, I find the multiblade razor gives a smoth and and snag free shave.

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    So, here is the low down:

    Shave: Pain free during shaving....followed very quickly ( a day or two) by a verrrryy itchy bum crack.

    Wax: Hurts like a mofo getting it done, but results last longer. (from 5 to 10 days ish) It will itch when growing back.

    Any way to stop the itching? NOPE! lol People have said if you do it constantly and keep up with it, it stops, but I have been shaving and waxing for 15 years and it still itches like crazy. Tried oils and after shave creams and all sorts. Bah!

    Maybe some people are just luckier lol. (It might also depend on how thick the hair is. I am guessing it is worse for people with lots of hair follicles).

    Oh and...I have had my partner shave himself a few times and the above is based on his experience and mine. We both suffer the same. :D

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    I use sugaring, it's much better than using regular wax.

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